project brief


ADS Ajira Poa! – Job Creation and Skills Development for Unemployed Youth in Kenya

The Ajira Poa! project is an innovative blend of activities from all three mixing bowls: stimulation of demand (jobs), enrichment of supply (skills), and a foundation of guidance from a range of public and private sector actors to help young Kenyans navigate the treacherous waters of the world of work and guide them toward a path that makes sense for their own personal journey.

Goals & Objectives

Project Objective:

Increase the number of Kenyan youth who are gainfully employed or self-employed through a replicable, self-sustainable job and skills development model.

Outcome 1:

Skills development through improved outlook and motivation of 1,500 youth participants on prospects for the future and becoming self-sufficient, responsible members of society

Outcome 2:

Job creation through improved incomes and employment opportunities of 850 youth participants

Outcome 3:

Successful youth-led businesses, creating employment for 500 youth participants


Ajira Poa! Is designed to be a sustainable model for youth employment/self-employment through career counseling and various life skills reinforced by an integrated digital blended learning platform and supported by labor-market specific, public and private sector initiatives to help youth become more employable through the attainment of relevant skills.