AMPATHPlus OVC and Social Services Project

ADS NR is implementing AMPATHPlus OVC and Social Services project with funding from USAID in West Pokot County. The project envisions facilitating the provision of care and services to the targeted OVC in West Pokot County. We are focused on the following core service areas: protection, Shelter and care, psychological support, Education, food security and nutrition, Healthcare and Household Economic strengthening for OVC households.

The project has implemented activities that have reached OVC with health and nutrition education which has improved the nutritional status of both the OVC and other household members since they have enough food (balanced diet) for consumption and kitchen gardens have a good crop enough to consume domestically.

Additionally, the Quality improvement teams of West Pokot Sub County comprising of 26 members continue to address issues pertaining protection of OVC specifically on the acquisition of birth certificates.


  • Increase in food security, improved nutrition and sustainable livelihoods amongst target groups – OVC households
  • To increase access to Education, Life Skills and Literacy initiatives for the needy OVC.
  • Increased access to Quality Protective Services to the deserving OVC.
  • To enhance access to improved health, water sanitation and hygiene for OVC households.
  • To Increase Access to Economic Security Initiatives to Marginalized, Poor, and Underserved Groups.