DCA – BREAD Project (2017-2018)

The Building Resilience for Enhanced Agricultural Development (BREAD) project is covering Eliye, Nakadukui and Nakwamekwi areas of Turkana Central Sub-county, Turkana County. Eliye area borders Lake Turkana where fishing and basketry are the predominant livelihood activities. In Eliye, the project is working with two groups, that is, Emunyen fishing group whose main livelihood economic activity is fishing and Nasekon-Eliye pastoralist group whose main livelihood economic activity is livestock production. Nakadukui area lies along River Turkwel where the residents practice agriculture by utilizing the water from the river. Livelihood activities in this area include; livestock production, growing of fruits, vegetables and dryland crops others engage in small-scale business. Nakwamekwi which is a peri-urban area found on the outskirts of Lodwar town the residents engage in varied livelihood activities such as small businesses, livestock keeping, and basketry. In the peri-urban area, the residents also engage in small-scale farming along River Turkwel where crops such as sorghum, maize, and assorted vegetables are planted.

Project Overall Objective

Enhanced community resilience to drought disaster through support to the community managed disaster risk reduction, strengthened livelihoods and improved coordination and linkages.