Strategic Pillars (2017 – 2021)

The five year strategic plan (2017-2021) as designed and adopted by the Board has defined objectives and is anchored on five strategic pillars as outlined below:

Pillar 1: Program

The program pillar is the heart beat of the organization and plays a key role in ensuring that the Organization remains relevant and alive to its vision and mission.

Pillar 2:  Human Resource Management and Development

The human resource pillar is key to efficient and effective management and delivery of ADS NRR programs and ensures that staff hired are competent, motivated and vibrant.

Pillar 3:  Financial Management

This pillar is key to ensuring efficiency in the utilization of the organizations resources and proper management of financial resources.

Pillar 4:  Institutional transformation

For visibility this pillar is key in ensuring that systems and structures are working properly, thereby promoting credibility of the Organization.

Pillar 5:  Sustainable Business Development

This is a very important pillar as it seeks to enhance investments and resource mobilization thus reducing over dependence on donor funding and promotes organizational sustainability.